Building Compelling Retail Digital Experiences for Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials make up a significant and large part of today’s retail environment. There are anywhere between 80 and 95 million millennials, making up roughly 30% of the population. While there’s some disagreement on when the millennial generation begins and ends, the consensus is it encompasses those born between 1980 and 2000. Now, this generation is entering its prime spending years, and as millennials age into their 30s and 40s, they will be an increasingly important consumer group. Millennia

Unique, Personalized Homepage Experiences Lift Wolseley RPS by 100%

If your business is hard to find online or your website is challenging to navigate, you’re potentially losing thousands in revenue each year. Taking note, Wolseley, a UK plumbing and heating distributor that serves more than 100,000 trade professionals every year, recently transformed its online presence to improve the overall user experience. They united several legacy websites for different product categories into a single Wolseley-branded site. However, the merger didn’t solve all their pro

How to Create a Successful Marketing Strategy in 2022: Free Template

Understand the necessary components of a successful marketing strategy template and how to outline a plan to grow your business, expand your reach and meet organizational goals. The right marketing plan should put you on course to making your company’s business goals a reality. The best marketing plans act as a high-level guide toward your campaigns, goals, and growth and lay the foundation for the year ahead. To help you get a head start on planning your market strategy, we’ve created a free

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